" And then they said that Peter and I were wrapped. And we were sort of stunned. You know after five movies to be told you're done, it's just sort of unrealistic. I remember sort of screaming and laughing and hugging and then sort of feeling like: what are we going to do now? "
-Elizabeth Reaser
“I think there is something magical about all of us being dressed up in costumes and doing those scenes. I will miss that because that I know, even if I work with the other actors again, it will be different. There is something really interesting about having all of us together in a room.”
-Peter Facinelli
“I admire Jasper's ability to try new hairstyles. It takes courage to look that fluffy.” -Jackson Rathbone
“Rob has it in his contract that we all have to look bad.”
- “Yeah! Do not have better hair than Rob!”
It says: 'every male character has bad hair so that I have good hair'. Well 'better hair'. Because he also does not has good hair.”
-Kellan and Peter

Rosalie, Emmett & Renesmee

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